Our Story

Most Sustainability & ESG Reporting tools are costly, designed for large companies who can afford dedicated sustainability/ESG specialists.

The SDG Assessment app was developed from extensive research into the use of Environmental Social Governance (ESG), sustainability and corporate social responsibility tools within small businesses.

Our team conducted both a survey and focus group, listening to the needs of entrepreneurs and small business owners desire for sustainability/ESG reporting app that is easy, accessible, affordable and fun.

Our Team

Sian Young CHC

Co-Creator - Marketing Director

Community Engagement, Stakeholder relationship management, Social media and B2B partnerships.

Dr Lowellyne James

Co-Creator in Chief

Assessment framework development, B2C sales, Financial Management and Strategic Planning.

Talal Baloch

Co-Creator - Chief Technology Officer

Web design, APP Development and Security.

©Circularity Ecosystem for Business

Sustainability/ESG Reporting for small businesses and fast growth companies.

Aligned to the objective of supporting organisations to create products and services that are inherently sustainable the SDG Assessment app  for small business sustainability/ESG reporting was created by Dr Lowellyne James,  Sian Young  with technical insight provided Talal Baloch

Dr James is the author of Sustainability Footprints in SMEs-Strategy and case studies for Entrepreneurs and Small Business published by John Wiley & Sons, Management Systems and Performance Frameworks for Sustainability published by Routledge.

Based on his research an online self-assessment tool has been developed to help small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) and fast growth companies benchmark and report their performance in relation to UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The SDG Assessment app utilises the five step approach outlined in the Sustainable Strategic Growth Model :

  • Learn
  • Develop
  • Implement
  • Optimise
  • Sustain

The use of the Sustainable Strategic Growth Model can assist organisations in embedding SDGs within their strategic plans.

The SDG Assessment app aims to encourage small businesses and organisations that complete self-assessment to commit to addressing pertinent UN SDGs and provide sustainability reports relevant to their customers, community stakeholders and local context.

Participating organisations can download their Sustainability Report and Certificate of Recognition from the International Sustainability Alliance as evidence of their commitment to UN SDGs and are required annually to provide evidence of sustainability initiatives that have been undertaken for review by the ©Centre for Sustainable Action.