©SDG Assessment has created ©SPF+ the world’s first digital scorecard created to benchmark ESG performance in relation to United Nations Sustainable development performance indicator(SDPIs). SDPIs are a set of metrics used to measure and evaluate progress towards sustainable development goals. These indicators can be used to assess the ESG impact of development initiatives, policies, and practices.
SDPIs can vary depending on the context and specific goals of a project or initiative. Examples of SDPIs include:

  • Carbon footprint: the amount of greenhouse gas emissions produced by an activity or organization
  • Energy efficiency: the ratio of energy output to energy input
  • Water usage: the amount of water used by an activity or organization
  • Social impact: the effect of an activity or organization on local communities and stakeholders
  • Economic impact: the financial benefits or costs associated with an activity or organization

By using our ©SPF+ Scorecard, organizations and policymakers can identify areas for improvement, set targets for sustainable development, and track progress towards achieving those targets.

Sustainability Performance Framework copyright ©Lowellyne James, Management Systems and Performance Frameworks for Sustainability – a guide for Sustainably Managed Enterprises, Routledge, London March 2018