Best E2E system approach Medical Plastic Circularity Challenge 2023

Digital Circularity as a Service (DigiCaaS) remanufactures plastic
waste into products. Supporting the race to net zero and
reporting of sustainability/ESG performance using enhanced
mobile technology.

DigiCaaS adopts a holistic approach to the use of plastic waste by reducing the need for transportation, inventory, unnecessary handling,waiting and over processing. The assimilation of clean technology our DigiCaaS solution resolves issues with the negative environmental impact of plastic waste using 3D printing technology (additive manufacturing) with the application of SDG Assessment’s mobile technology to sustainability/ESG assurance for data input to deliver quality, scalability and performance efficiencies as compared to conventional apps

Our innovative green tech solution contributes to socioeconomic development with localised plastic waste remanufacture “clusters”, eliminating transport emissions and large storage facilities for plastic waste. Cities, businesses and non governmental organisations can collaborate to generate low carbon economic growth, creating green jobs, demonstrating ESG compliance and committment to SDGs using our SPF+ Scorecard.