SDG Assessment takes security extremely seriously and so we are happy to announce a new Director appointment.

Kirwyn will be using his experience working as Global Enterprise Cyber Security Architect at a US based blue chip company to advise and build SDG Assessment Ltd’s security procedures. His current significant role is setting the strategy and technical direction to ensure that the SDG Assessments data and applications throughout all platforms remain secure. As well as responsibility for global architecture and design frameworks, strategic planning and policy development for information technology security programs. 

Additionally, Kirwyn has over 25 years of combined expertise in global enterprise IT security, network infrastructure and compliance strategies for Fortune 500 organisations. 

We are feeling blessed at SDG Assessment Ltd that we are attracting such major global talent enabling us to securely deliver sustainability/ESG benchmarking and verification reports for our customers.

It is strategic appointments like this that have afforded us recognition  by organisations like Luxembourg House of Finance (LHoFT) check out our blog about our Co-Founder Sian Young attending their Catapult Kickstarter.

Giving Back

SDG Assessment is a business built to have a positive global impact on creating sustainably operated organisations, but we are also a company who pays it forward. Look at our giving story in partnership with B1G! When we were finalists for QBE AcceliCITY Resilience Challenge every time they gave us a training session we provided 1 day of business training for a woman in Guatemala.

This makes Kirwyn a perfect team member as he also currently gives back to local communities, serving on the board of various nonprofit organizations.

Data Collection

If you understand that in order for you to get reliable data about the activities of your supply chain but finding this data is seemingly impossible then SDG Assessment Ltd is your answer.

We collaborate small businesses and corporations that are offering value to stakeholders at competitive prices, demonstrating supply chain transparency, carbon footprint and Environment, Social, Governance (ESGs) aligned to Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

We know you need verified data to make smart decisions so why don’t you pop your details into this webform to book a demo:


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SME’s, SDGs and the Journey to Sustainability
The Business Case for a Sustainable Future

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