Hello World!

My name is Dr Lowellyne James I am Co-Founder and CEO of SDG Assessment.

This is my first quarterly update and I am happy to announce SDG Assessment has been nominated a finalist for the QBE Insurance AcceliCITY Resilience Challenge 2022. Firstly I salute our co-founders Sian Young CHC and Talal Baloch for their outstanding contribution to our continued success.

As well as I extend my heartfelt thanks to all my fellow AcceliCITY Alumni, colleagues at the Centre for Sustainable Action, QBE Insurance, Michael Lake and the Leading Cities team, mentors Abhi Nemani, Graham Scotton and Brian Brannigan for their technical insight.

Our partners Automedi and Filix MedTech for joining us to support businesses with solutions that promote sustainable growth.

I and my team are all fresh faced and ready for boot camp beginning 3rd October 2022.



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Collaboration Announcement

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