SDG-Assessment Ltd is excited to announce we have made it as semi-finalist 2022 #AcceliCITY competition!!

Now, what does this mean?

QBE & Leading Cities are driving resilience and sustainability for all by unleashing the potential of the world’s cities.

They recognize that startup growth and impact require capital from both investors and clients.

The QBE AcceliCITY Resilience Challenge connects winners with funding, a pilot project, and a pipeline of clients from cities worldwide.

SDG-Assessment Ltd applied alongside 550+ applicants from 70 countries and is proud to announce we have joined a shortlist of 90 Smart Tech companies.

This is where the challenge begins!

We will soon start our journey of learning to refine and master our business and are excited to share all this development with our customers.

Check out our blog to be kept up to date on our progress, our first session starts next week at 5 am BST so we will be getting up early and competing to win this challenge!

Our solution is a web and mobile app that helps small businesses and fast-growth companies report sustainability, ESG & corporate social responsibility.

This can support you in gaining environmental market leadership, reduce supply chain sustainability & ESG risk, avoid expensive consultancy fees and also attract investment and loyal customers.

You can also download our recognised small business reporting app by visiting our home page

Author Sian Young

Decelera Start up Program
SDG Assessment has powered up in West Sussex

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