Today is a fantastic day on our start-up journey to a greener world using #greentech.

We have been featured in a eWeekuk article written by  Antony Peyton Writer and journalist, NCTJ qualified with 18 years’ experience in China, Japan and the UK whose Portfolio includes fintech, tech and satire.

Antony shares how SDG-Assessment has big ambitions and he would be right!

We know our solution can bring the power of sustainability & ESG reporting and benchmarking to small businesses.

As small business is 98% of business in the UK and we are not benchmarking or reporting on our ESG’s there is an enormous opportunity to create the accelerated ACTION we need to solve our climate issue!

I love how Antony shares with eWeekUK how alongside the SDG- Assessment App Dr James and Sian Young have co-founded  ©Centre for Sustainable Action a  non-profit cooperative organisation that assists entrepreneurs and businesses with the development of products and services that are “inherently sustainable”.

Also mentioned is that you can start SDG Assessment with our start-up offer to download a sustainability/ESG report and ‘Certificate of Recognition’ at the introductory price of $37 (£29).

Just visit our home page and or download our app, which will be on iOS soon!

Well from us to you on another fantastic fast-paced day!

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