Joint Venture Announcement | 10/10/2022
October 10, 2022
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Reno, NV —

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PIHG and SDG Assessment partner to launch

global sustainability assurance and climate tech solution

  • PIHG and SDGA to develop and market climate tech certification, assurance and training solutions and services
  • PIHG to develop carbon credit, digital asset and financing and fund products using SDGAs blockchain based app and platform and tools
  • PIHG to work with CSA to provide access to education, training, experts, technology and certification services across Developed and Developing Markets
  • PIHG, SDGA and CSA aligned to the objective of supporting organisations to create products and services that are inherently sustainable and reduce greenhouse gas emissions
  • PIHG has joined forces with UK based climate tech company SDG Assessment (SDGA) and the global Centre for Sustainable Action (CSA) to develop sustainability assurance, certification, training and climate tech solutions, tools and services for businesses, government and the non-governmental sector.
Tools for Change

SDGAs ESG reporting tool and app assists customers with benchmarking performance and encouraging them to commit to address pertinent SDGs. The app uses blockchain technology that supports information security.

PIHG intends to develop a low carbon business ecosystem of tools, funds, products and services aligned to the SDGs, Net Zero and carbon reporting. The SDGA app and platform enable PIHG and the businesses they collaborate with to report across their value chain their greenhouse gas and ESG impacts, to meet their needs, the needs of ESG investors and those generating or buying carbon credits from compliant projects.

Simon Littlewood, PIHG President, commented Many investors, advisors and organizations have highlighted the importance of accurate data to avoid greenwashing; ensure that goals are being achieved; give confidence to consumers; make supply chains more efficient, secure and sustainable; and to enable ESG and other funds to invest in projects, especially in Developing Markets, where the difficulty of getting sufficient quality data has restricted the flow of funding into these markets.

Net Zero Needs Reliable Data

The increasing movement globally towards Net Zero and the use of carbon credit programs is dependent on reliable data and reporting. We are working with SDGA to make their app and platform available across our global network and developing products enabling businesses to issue high quality carbon credits that meet ESG and Net Zero investment criteria.

Dr Lowellyne James, CEO of SDGA, commented: Fostering responsible interaction with the planet is a key principle shared by PIHG and SDGA, aligned to the objective of supporting organisations to create products and services that are inherently sustainable, and to reduce greenhouse gases.

We will work together to enable businesses and supply chain partners to monitor, report and achieve their sustainable objectives, including Net Zero emissions.

Your Compliance and Obligation Tool

Compliance obligations, organizational performance conditions, regulatory requirements and market expectations are driving the need for businesses, investors, governmental and other non-profit entities to implement better ways to monitor, report, comply and achieve sustainability.

Our research-based online sustainability self-assessment, measurement, reporting and verification app enables PIHG to develop low carbon investment portfolios benchmarked to the requirements of the UN SDGs, Net Zero, carbon credit or other requirements.

CSA is an UK organisation based on cooperative principles, with a mission to implement sustainable best practices by individuals, businesses and organisations. It manages an online Learning Management System (OLMS) for education and training, and issues certificates recognizing compliance with the SDGs.

Training and Development the Human Element of Climate Action

Access to information, best practices and training is an important part of achieving sustainability, especially in Developing Markets where there is sometimes less access to knowledge commented Dr. James. The partnership with CSA gives our stakeholders and PIHGs clients, partners, investments and network access to sustainability and ESG webinars and training on CSAs OLMS.

Partnership for the achievement of the goals is the 17th SDG. We believe that cooperation, and sharing knowledge, experience, technology and solutions makes business sustainable locally and globally, and makes good business sense explains Sian Young, CEO of CSA.

PIHG seeks to provide access to those operating in Developing Markets to training, experts, technology, certification and finance, which are vital to achieve sustainable development there and for the global community to achieve the SDGs and climate targets. Our partnership will enable those in PIHGs network to access the community, expertise and courses that CSA is building, and PIHG to develop programs and financing products in combination with the certification that CSA and SDGA can provide added Simon Littlewood.

For full details, please read the attached Press Release here.

Your attention is drawn to the attached Forward-Looking Statement, which is an integral part of this news release, and should be read in conjunction with this news release

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