The reality of climate change as it hits the family of one of our team and one of our partners.

Our esteemed co-founder Talal Baloch is in Pakistan’s largest city Karachi and is experiencing an unprecedented 126mm rain in just three short hours.

SDG Assessment also works in partnership with Delwyn Langdons Consultancy and her family too has been dealing with being isolated after the Brisbane River hit major flood levels following torrential rain.

No matter where you are in the world you are affected by the climate crisis but don’t be too dismayed as these people and many others are creating solutions for change.

Let me introduce their work and a few others to you.

Talal has over 15 years of experience in web design, app development and information security.
As a tech entrepreneur and co-founder, he is concerned about the unforgiving effect of climate change he has dedicated his expertise to co-create a great tool for change. Our SDG Assessment App is a low-cost, DIY solution that helps small to medium-sized enterprises achieve net zero goals.

I want you to take a moment to imagine a world where 98% of businesses are able to reduce their carbon footprint by 28% annually! Imagine the impact on value chain management of having secure reporting, stored on blockchain. Imagine an ecosystem where carbon offsetting is used to support small to medium businesses towards achieving the global SDGs whilst dramatically reducing emissions for their corporate partners, as we know 77% of supply chains in the UK are made up of small businesses!

In the midst of great climate challenges Talal Baloch is creating global change without him where would we be? We thank him.

Delwyn Langdon Consultancy

Delwyn has been working in the sustainability and community engagement space for 22 years and is an expert in SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals). Delwyn is our strategic partner delivering our ‘Sustainability/ESG Reporting for Small Business’ 3-hour workshop you can join our waitlist HERE to be kept informed of upcoming sessions. As one of the few certified facilitators of the  2020 SDG game, Delwyn has been inspiring the people while connecting like-minded businesses together. It is a pleasure to work with her and we also send our best wishes to her in these challenging times.

in Partnership with SDG Assessment App 

QBE-Leading Cities

You may have read one of our other blogs about our participation in the Leading Cities #AcceliCITY #Resilience challenge. I want to say here that Leading Cities are doing an amazing job of holding space for a community of #GreenTech game changers. The accelerator program introduces founders to a wealth of experts in business, #GOVTech and provides invaluable entrepreneurial support.

We are so happy to be learning with the expert speakers at #QBE ##AcceliCITY that we have been giving the opportunity for business women in Guatemala to get business training as a way of showing our gratitude and paying it forward. We are able to do this because Sian Young, one of our Founders and a serial entrepreneur, has been a B1G1 member for around 10 years and has herself given back over 7000 impacts in her career. Have a look at our previous blog about how the team at SDG Assessment are paying it forward.

In fact, Sian loves connecting amazing people who are creating change in this world so much that she connected Wilson Ko, a young #Techpreneur who she met at #AcceliCITY with Dr Aya Matsuyama who has presented at ©Center for Sustainable Action ‘Sustainability Leadership Series’ and they just so happened to be in Tokyo at the same time and were able to enjoy a lunch together prompting SDG Assessment App to purchase two more days of training through B1G1 as a way of saying thank you for taking real ACTION in building partnerships for change.

Check out out blog about it: First day at QBE AcceliCITY

Wilson Ko is the founder of Reconnai Co Ltd an AI-based mobile app that tells users how their plastics should be separated and treated within their local municipalities by just taking a picture.

Dr Aya Matsuyama co-creator of Possible World is a multiplayer online game to experience various possibilities for the world and for ourselves. Check out her next gaming opportunity HERE

100 business women and one of the major issues faced is apathy in the face of an overwhelming issue such as climate change. We are saying enter our ecosystem for change, meet some real change makers and come take ACTION with us by collaborating with sustainability leaders!

How is climate change affecting you and your business?

Are you ready to take ACTION if so register HERE

Author Sian Young

Second Week QBE AcceliCITY Resilience Challenge
Quarterly Update – SDG Assessment nominated QBE Insurance AcceliCITY Resilience Challenge 2022 Finalist

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